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After having my lovely daughters, unfortunate for me I had to result to the fact that I would have to live with the severe Stretch Marks acquired on my stomach after their birth.

I tried cream after cream and so many different treatments but to no avail did I see any difference.

Luckily for me and I mean this from the depths of my heart. I found a product that works, let me rephrase that not just works… but Really Works and you see Instant results.

This product is called The Magic Peeling Glove, (now I know why they call it the Magic Peeling Glove) it is an exfoliating glove that works like Magic!!!

I am so happy in finding this wonderful product and so much want to share this with you.

Thank you,


After using your glove the results have been phenomenal. I have never felt so confident of exposing my body. Magic is the word, to actually see your dead skin peeling off your body you have to use it to believe it........

Billy (Klax)


I’m a bit of a sports fanatic. So although I don’t wax my body, I do clip the hair on my arms and legs. And I’ve always had trouble with in-grown hairs, but not anymore. And even better than that, I’ve always had incredibly sensitive skin with recurring dermatitis on my forearms. I’ve used the Magic Peeling Glove for about 7 months now and the dermatitis has gone completely. I did stop using the Glove for a while and I noticed the difference straight away. But I must admit, I like the soft moist skin and healthy glow that the Magic Peeling Glove gives me. I won’t stop using it again. 

Billy Nicola



My name is Toula Kourkoutzelos and I purchased the Magic Peeling glove after I saw the presentation on the Expo channel on pay TV.

I used it a few days ago and the results were fantastic.  After two children, I have brown stretch marks on my stomach and legs.  After using the glove once, the marks have faded - fantastic.  I used it all over my body and was amazed to see the excess skin come off.

I have recommended this product to my friends and they are wanting to purchase it also.
Goodbye expensive creams, lotions and other products.  What a great investment.
I would gladly recommend this product to people of all ages.
Thanks once again for bringing such a great product to Australia.

With thanks, Toula Kourkoutzelos,
Clarinda Victoria


Hi there guys,

I have already used your glove and have found it unbelievable, I had very dry and pimple feeling skin on the upper arms, since using it I don't have it anymore.

Thank you,
Anna Leonard


I am totally happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone – throw away your creams and stop wasting your time…start using something that is totally natural.



I could not believe the difference…nothing else has worked.

Satisfied Customer


I purchased the exfoliating glove 7 months ago and have been using it since then. This
Fantastic glove has not only done wonders for me, my wrinkles are slowly fading, sun spots have nearly gone and my face in general is softer and younger looking.

I decided to try the glove on my 6 year old boy who suffers with eczema, I found the prescribed drugs, and off the shelf drugs didn’t work and I always had concerns on long term effects the creams could have on his body.

The first time I used the glove on him I noticed his skin was smoother and he wasn’t scratching as much, the second time, I noticed the bumps and scabs were slowly reducing and becoming level with the skin, the itching was less and the redness was fading.

The third time I used it, it virtually cleared up his skin. His eczema is under control and all I have to do now is exfoliate him once a week and it only takes five minutes while he is in the bath or shower.

I used the exfoliating glove on all my children, my oldest daughter who is experiencing pimples has found it great, she exfoliates and the next day her skin is clear. My husband use to burn in the sun and peel, he now exfoliates before he goes to the beach and he tans well and the tan lasts longer.

If you find that the prescribed drugs or off the shelf drugs don’t work, or if your doctor tries to prescribe your teenager with antibiotics for their pimples, I seriously suggest you give the feggari peeling glove a go. You will not be disappointed.



I spent hundreds of dollars in skin care, day creams, night creams, eye creams, masks, exfoliating creams but in the end there were too many or not enough time, with three children. I would look in the mirror and see the signs of ageing approaching, thick skin and the large pores. I was then introduced to the feggari  peeling glove. I have been using it for 3 weeks and have noticed softer, smoother skin, and I have even noticed sun spots fading. The good thing is that not only does it work but it only takes 5 mins to soak in the shower and another 10mins and it will exfoliate your whole body.

I am totally happy with this product and would recommend it to anyone out there throw away your creams and stop wasting your time, start using something that is totally natural.

I even have my husband using it and his skin is much smoother, his pimples are all starting to fade, he has a healthier glow to his face now.

Satisfied Customer!


I’m sixteen and I’ve had acne since I was 10 everywhere on my back, my face, my chest. I’m staggered, because already I’m starting to see the results. Not only is the acne scarring fading but whereas before my skin was dry and flaky, now it’s smooth and moist. Even my friends are commenting on the difference.



Well I just got sick of having pimples. After using The Magic Peeling Glove the rash of pimples on my cheek started to clear up. I can see a big difference. I also use it on other parts of my body. I never thought I had dry skin but since using the glove I’m noticing how much softer my skin is.

Kate Flynn


My name is Martina Turnbull, I ordered 2 Magic Peeling Gloves, I kept one and gave one to my daughter.  The reason for this e-mail is that I now want to order 4 more gloves 2 for myself and two for gifts as I think the glove is the best thing that I have ever used.  I have used a loofah from time to time and never felt satisfied I am I now don't have those little bumps on the top of my legs that always felt like ingrown hairs...


Well I’m only 16 and I’ve always suffered from bad pimples. Not only on my face but also on my back to the point where I wouldn’t even take my shirt off at the beach. My mum started using The Magic Peeling Glove, and it worked for her, so I thought why not give it a try? Not only has my face cleared up, but so has my back. And I can even suntan without blotches. I’m wrapped.

Peter K


I’m a mother of three children and as a result of my pregnancies I had the most unsightly stretch marks on my tummy. I’ve been using The Magic Peeling Glove for 5 weeks and I can tell you that the dark scars have faded and the rest of the skin is changing into a silvery shiny colour. I have the utmost faith that within a few more weeks it will be radically improved. Previously I’ve spent a fortune on creams and now with just water and massage I have healthy new skin.



Well I’m going to sound like a ‘before and after’ commercial. But it’s true.

I simply can’t believe it. I’ve suffered from acne all of my life. In fact I was so paranoid about the way I looked I covered my face with my hair, walked with my head down and would never go out without piles of make-up. And even then you could still see the pimples. Then five weeks ago, I was introduced to the Magic Peeling Glove and although on the packet it shows the glove being used on the body, it also said it was suitable for faces, so I had nothing to lose. I’d already tried dermatologists, expensive treatments and creams and so using nothing else but water, I started to use the Magic Peeling Glove. And all I can say is that it is magic. You don’t use soap or lotions, you simply massage the skin with the glove once or twice a week and look…no sign of acne and the old acne scar tissue is quickly disappearing. And because I started using it on the rest of my body, it’s not only the acne that’s gone, but my cellulite and stretch marks are going as well.



Wow! What a revolution!

I have a very bad problem with coarse, ingrown hairs, particularly after

Shaving, and have been applying various ointments of which some have been

Professionally recommended, yet the problem got worse? After doing some

research via the internet I came across your product and was sceptical (A

product from a plant?) No chemicals or plucking. To my amazement my face has fully cleared up leaving my skin smooth and rash free.

Well done Magic Peeling! The glove is a winner.



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