FAQ'S about Feggari Peeling® | Magic Peeling | Tan-A-Way®

  1. Does it remove hair?
    No - it does not remove hair.
    This is an exfoliating glove removing only dead skin.
  2. Can I wash it in the washing machine? 
    No - as the glove is made of natural cellulose fibres it may ruin the glove.
  3. Should I dry myself and then use the glove?
    No – you must remain wet and the glove must be wet but squeeze out excess water.
  4. How can I wash and look after the glove?
    Rinse thoroughly under running water, squeeze out excess water and hang out to dry.
    Every second or third week use some body soap or hair shampoo to freshen the glove
    and to give it a thorough clean making sure you thoroughly rinse out any soap residue.
  5. How long will it last? 
    The life span of the glove is between six to twelve months as long as it is looked after
  6. Can I use it on the face?
    Yes – you can use it on the face but remember to be gentle on the face and using it in vertical motion.
  7. When I use it on my face, how come I’m not getting a peel? 
    On the face you will not see a peel such as on the body, the skin on the face is much finer. However 2 to 3% of people do not see a peel due to the texture of their skin but
    this does not mean that they will not achieve the same benefits. As their peel would be to fine for the eye to see.
  8. What sort of soap can I use?
    You can use any soap or body wash as long as it does not have an oil base as this would interfere with the exfoliating by not allowing the glove to grip and just slide. That is why
    you have a shower first to wash off any product and then you can exfoliate.
  9. Can I use moisturizer? 
    Yes – of course, once you have finished exfoliating turn on your taps, rinse your body off
    then moisturize as normal.