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Premium Body Washer Glove

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Prepare your skin for exfoliation and a gentle thorough clean

Feggari® Premium Body Washer is a high quality natural fibre, premium skin washing glove for preparing your skin for exfoliation and a gentle thorough clean.

The Premium Body Washer is gentle enough to be used on the face as well as the body. It has been developed to achieve the deepest thorough clean without being abrasive even to the most delicate skin type.

Feggari® Premium Body Washer is ideal for preparing your skin for exfoliation and is best used in conjunction with the Feggari® Peeling exfoliating glove in achieving a forever youthful skin….the natural way.

Used by mothers for a gentle wash during baby’s bath time, allowing 2 free hands at all times.

Premium Body Washer is recommended:

  • To use in shower or bath
  • Prepare your skin for exfoliation
  • Achieve thoroughly clean skin on face and body
  • Before applying moisturisers or treatments




Easy To Use Instructions

Wet your Premium Body Washer thoroughly, place glove on hand, apply your favourite soap or body wash. Lather up….and wash away over face and body.

How often should I use?

You can use the Premium Body Washer on a daily basis for your everyday wash routine.

For a silky smooth wash, start by washing your skin with a gentle massage. Premium Body Washer is ideal to use either in the shower or bath for silky clean skin.


Care Instructions

Rinse thoroughly under running water, squeeze out excess water and hang out to dry.
Every second or third week use some body soap or hair shampoo to freshen the glove.

Do not wash in the washing machine.

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