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Tan-A-Way Glove

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TAN-A-WAY®  At last a safe way to remove all those self-tanning imperfections. The Inventor has been selling the Magic Peeling Glove for the last 8 years into the Australian and Global retail markets and decided it was time to produce the equivalent specifically for all tanning beauties of the World.

In saying this we found a solution to removing a sunless tan in a safe easy way. Absent of all the harsh chemicals that would irritate our skin whilst scrubbing. TAN-A-WAY® is double sided, Brown for the body and Orange for the face. You will never have a soiled glove again

There are many exfoliating products and self-tan remover creams available on the market. The difference with TAN-A-WAY ®is it is gentle and it will not scratch your skin, TAN-A-WAY® will evenly remove your tan.  It is reusable, environmentally friendlyTAN-A-WAY® is the must have and the only sunless tanning accessory you need.

TAN-A-WAY® is committed to keeping your skin looking flawless, bronzed and safe.

TAN-A-WAY® is a self-tan removal glove that prepares skin to perfection for a flawless tan. The key to a longer-lasting, even, fake tan is to ensure your skin is immaculately exfoliated, lifting all of those dead skin cells and revealing revitalized, ready-to-tan skin beneath. This creates a smooth base for the tan to adhere to and absorb into the skin meaning no streaks or blotches.

TAN-A-WAY® Tan Removal Glove is made from 100% natural fibres and leaves skin smooth and supple for a longer lasting tan. Prepare your skin for a flawless, sunless tan, with the AMAZING TAN-A-WAY®  EXFOLIATING GLOVE.

A must-have for self-tanners, TAN-A-WAY® is the perfect partner to any self-tanning products. 

Tan-A-Way® is recommended:

  • Removes self-tan, exfoliates and prepares skin for a flawless tan
  • Made from 100% natural fibres
  • Leaves skin smooth and supple for a long lasting tan
  • Reusable
  • No more streaks, No more blotches
  • Eliminate dead skin cells for a perfect self-tan
  • No need for soap or detergents

Warning on skin problems

  • Don't use the glove if you have skin problems, open wounds or irritated skin
  • When using the glove on the face avoid areas around the eyes
  • The light redness that may appear after treatment may be due to the reactivation of micro-circulation
  • For hygienic reasons, we suggest that only one person use the glove.

Instructions - How to get the best results

Step 1 - Soften your skin by bathing or staying under a very warm shower for at least 5 minutes. You will achieve the best results by using the Tan-A-Way® Glove after a sauna or Turkish bath.

Step 2 - Rinsing is essential, thoroughly rinse the skin of all soaps, bath foams, detergents and oils, because they can reduce the exfoliating action.

Step 3 - Wet the glove and squeeze out the excess water. The glove should only be used on wet skin, not under a stream of water. Rub the skin vigorously in a vertical direction, until you see flakes of exfoliated skin.

How often should I exfoliate?

The treatment is recommended at least once a week, for young skin. For skin that is older and more mature use twice a week. This should only be used as a guide, as everyone has different skin types. If you have cosmetics products on your skin, remove these first with solid natural soap.

The Tan-A-Way® glove is an excellent hypoallergenic treatment for even the most sensitive skin types.


Care Instructions

Rinse thoroughly under running water, squeeze out excess water and hang out to dry.
Every second or third week use some body soap or hair shampoo to freshen the glove.

Do not wash in the washing machine.

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