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Feggari Health and Beauty-forever young.... the natural way!

The secret is exfoliation.

Feggari Peeling® is a highly effective treatment for conditions such as……..

Eczema, Dry Skin, Psoriasis, Ingrown Hair, Sun Spots, Age Spots….

The all natural exfoliating glove is recommended by dermatologists as a skin rejuvenating treatment because it promotes the skins regular and natural exfoliating process.

By removing surface thickening, your skin is renewed faster, allowing fresh young cells to surface.This makes your skin look younger and suppler, more compact, uniform and radiant. But that’s not all! It also improves your complexion, giving you a healthy pink glow and diminishing the spots that form on your skin over the years – especially on skin that has been “mistreated” by exposure to the sun or tanning lamps.

The Feggari Peeling® Glove is  distributed exclusively worldwide by Feggari Pty Ltd. Buy online now, or visit a stockist near you.